Marcus McKinley

I am Marcus McKinley, a 34-year-old male entrepreneur living with, advocating, and conquering
sickle cell disease. I am originally from a small Mississippi Delta city of about 40,000 inhabitants
named Greenville.  Greenville is where I was diagnosed with sickle cell type SS at the age of two.
This was my first crisis that required hospitalization.  I have endured many, many hospitalizations,
blood transfusions, and medical procedures due to sickle cell.  I currently reside in Oklahoma City,
Oklahoma where I own a mobile auto detailing and a towing business.  I also hold various positions
within community-based organizations dedicated to sickle cell.   I am a passionate advocate for
those living with and affected by sickle cell. My life is and always will be committed to advocating
and finding advanced treatment and a possible cure for this genetic blood disorder. I love traveling
around the country to lend my voice and a helping hand to those living with and/or affected by sickle
cell disease.  I am a family man and a man full of integrity and leadership.